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First Page 4U

These Applications are maded by Sergiu Gordienco Vasile

Projects in progress

  • Ask & Answer APP - ( testing.. )
  • Social Project: - ( in construction )
    • CVs DataBase
    • Jobs Database
    • Messages, Agenda, Friends, Small SDK for Game building an Share
  • Online Drawing App - ( partial, on stage, browser compatibility updates for HTML5.. )
    • supports layers, masks, and layes grouping ( testing... )
    • drawing in Multiple formats ( base is Vector Type )
    • exporting in JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, GIF.. etc ( done )
    • libraries for shema buildin.. ( updating content.. adding items.. )
  • Online Realtime strategy ( .. confidential.. )
    • updating image libraries... ( in progress )
    • updating translations...
    • updating notifiers
    • updating schemas
  • Auto configurable LAMP ( ready, private )
  • Server Stats based on Apache an System Logs ( ready, private )
  • DDOS protection module ( ready, private )

For contribution contact me at astraluxkl@gmail.com

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